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Reunion 2010

Amsler family reunion for 2010 attended by about 18 on Saturday June 26th.

at Chilis, 5004 N.Navarro, Victoria, Texas.

Several maps and links are shown below:


When you view this image send me a note if I have left anyone out of the listed names below


Let's see, on the first row, left to right are Sammy Amsler, Courtney and Reilly Amsler, Eric's wife and daughter, Debra (Henry's daughter), Lori Amsler then Debra,. behind Debra is her daughter, then Kathryn Amsler and Bob Amsler, Sherry Amsler, and her daughter, Rebecca Shaw and extreme right is Philip Guittard.
The remainder of the back row is Eric Amsler (holding Lori's son), Tommy Amsler and his daughter Mindi and son of Debra Atherton

Another view:



family at  chilis


The above photo and other images will be uploaded to should you like to order extra prints

(This photo also included Debra's husband immediately behind her) .

Note: We are preparing to ship the Amsler book off for digitizing as on PDF document that will enable quick searches within the book itself. Another advantage of having the book in PDF format is that it enables printing of any page or pages. We understand we do not have a copyright problem unless we were selling the dvds. So, family members can also duplicate the DVD to pass on to other family members.

"The Amslers of Austin's Colony" book is out of print, but can still be found in Library of Congress,

Houston Library and one or two other libraries. I (Sammy) contacted the Library of Congress to ask if the book had been digitized as Google is working on digitizing out of print books. But, since the response was that this had not yet been done, I found a company that scans and digitizes books. When the DVD's are done I will send one to each one who signed the sign in sheet at Chilies. If you did not sign the sheet, send me e-mail at on the home page. This page's link is at bottom of this page.

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2010 Reunion Image

2009 Reunion Image

2008 Reunion image

2007 Reunion image

Amsler Family Reunion for 2009 took place at 12:00 noon in Port Lavaca's Johnny Carinos Restaurant 4904 N. Navarro, Victoria Texas

About eleven folks, including two young ones gathered in Victoria:

Back row from left to right is Tommy Amsler and his daughter and son.
Front row from left to right is Buddy and Gayle Minear, Kathryn Amsler, Sammy and Larie Amsler, Courtney and Reilly Amsler, Eric's wife and daughter.



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2009 Reunion at Johnny Carinos Restaurant in Port Lavaca

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Columbus 2008

2008 Reunion at Schobels' Restaurant in Columbus, Texas

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2007 Reunion


2007 Reunion Werner's Steak House, Shiner, Texas

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