Sophia Flato Amsler
Mother to William Tell

sophia flato amsler

Photo from 1910 picture postcard.

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We have noted from "Amslers of Austin's colony that Sophia lived in Lavaca County, Moulton, Flatonia, Hempstead, McGreggor, Fatonia, and Plantersville, Grimes county and Shiner. In 1910 picture postcard below, Sophia lived in Moulton Texas that is located between Shiner and Flatonia.

During their marriage from 1869 to 1991 when Louis Philip passed on, Sophia and Louis Philip lived in Hempstead, McGreggor, Flatonia, Plantersville and Shiner.

Sophia, as a window at 46 lived to be 81. Sophia's parents, the Flatos are shown at: Flato Family Reunion in 1898.

This Photo is from page 59 of“Amslers of Austin's Colony”



Page 60 concludes from page 59:

page 60 continued

Let's examine a photo in 1910 that shows Sophia Flato Amsler at a somewhat younger age of 58:

mama flato:


Sophia Flato Amsler is lady with glasses, seated second from left. When this photo was taken she was about 58 years of age. Sophia Amsler Flato's photo can also be seen in Flato family gathering in 1898. Ladies standing are believe to be Sophia Flato Amsler's sister-in-law and niece. (See note below on possible identities of the ladies that were standing) Aunt Tea (Lillian Amsler) is sitting on Cora Amslers lap; the boy on the left is Phil Amsler; and boy on the right is West Amsler. Lewis was about 9 and West was about 6 years of age Tea was less than one year old. Cora was about 28 years old.

Note: reference Pg 59 indicates Sophia Flato Amsler lived in Moulton:

Combining Sophia's statements on the two
applications reveals the following data: She
was born at New Ulm, Austin County, about
1852. She had lived 23 years in Lavaca
County and was then residing at Moulton,
ten miles north of Shiner.

We found within an online forum that "In 1880, Sophia and daughter Ann Flato was living in the L. P. and Sophia Amsler's home in Fayette." That may answer the question who the two ladies might have been. From this reference, it appears that "Sophia Flato ",who is standing on the right, married a Flato, and her daughter's name was Ann Flato. "Mama's" signature below is understood to be Sophia Flato Amsler. But our question is, did Sophia and Ann Flato remain with Sophia Flato Amsler from1880 to 1910? And what happened to Sophia Flato's husband? In this period, Sophia Flato Amsler was widowed in 1891, which was 19 years before this card was written. The Sophia standing on the right is now believed to be sister in law of Sophia Flato Amsler and wife of F.W.(Billy) Flato Jr.. That being the case, the young lady standing at the left would daughter of F.W.(Billy) Flato Jr and Sophia Flato's daughter, Ann.

Thee assumptions are based on the following:

[We researched "Sophia Flato" to view Report revealed the death of Flato, "Edward 19 Mar 1881, who was son of F. W. and Sophia Flato of Flatonia, Texas. --Funeral from his brother's residence, 417 Summit Ave.--"

F.W. (Billy) Flato is shown as the second from the right row standing in photo of the flato family.]

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We have interpolated the identity of ladies on the picture postcard detailed above Cora Amsler (my grandmother), Tea, Phil, and David (my dad) are
positively identified in the picture postcard.
We believe that since Sophia Falto Amsler lived in
Moulton Texas where the card was mailed even though Amslers of Austin's Colony does not indicate when she lived in Moulton, never less we interpolate from knowing that, the lady sitting to the left of Cora Amsler is Sophia Floato Amsler. It would be an interesting challenge to visit Moulton and see if there were any record of her living there and if possible, locate the 0house in the background of the picture postcard. The house would have to be more than a century old. After more than a century, it could be still standing in this very small community. Homes in Gonzales are examples of homes more than a century old.
Identifying the lady to the right of Cora holding her baby, (Tea) Lillian Amsler. by way of the Flato Anniversary photos, the book Amslers of Austin's Colony as our primary sources seems like a challenging task comparing the facial features between her images in the photos. Web search engines were not productive in locating other details for Sophia Flato Amsler unless we subscribe to one of the ancestry services.
Unfortunately everyone has passed on that would be able to shed more light on identifying all of the ladies in the postcard photo. My father, David West Amsler, indicated that his grandmother was in the photo (sitting down.)

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Below the image for the back of card mailed on April 7, 1910:




What we do not know about the postcard is the time from the photo postcard until it was mailed - P.O. Date Stamp Apr 7 12 pm 1910 - Moulton, Texas:
There seem to have been some time passed before mailing due to the statement, "our family seems broken up since this was taken..."

followed by.. "..Philip got back all right. He is such a little man we would not know how to get along without him. We miss Cora's Children very much
It will be some time until we will get use to it.
with love, mama."

My earlier impression was that Sophia Flato Amsler was mother in law of Cora Amsler holding her baby, Lillian Amsler, with David West in front of her and Phillip to the right.

Assuming "mama" was Sophia Flato Amsler -
"Since Sophia's pension file is marked
'Dead 3-3-33,' it is assumed that a death
certificate dated 25 Feb. 1933 pertains to
her. It was issued in Nueces County under
the name "Sophia Augustus Amsler." Sophia
was living with her grandson Louis Philip II
(son of William Tell) in Robstown when she
died.-- See Eleventh Generation for more details
[Louis Philip II is the boy on extreme right in the post card photo above. Next step is tracing history of his living at Robstown in the early thirties. So if this is the same Sophia that lived in Moulton Texas in 1910, and we can trace her living in Robstown in 1933, then
the photo on the picture card truly verifies her
as Sophia Flato Amsler and the comments below the photo are reasonably accurate.

Louis Phillip II was known to me as my "Uncle Phil."
Cora Amsler was also known by me as "mama."
Can anyone confirm this is the same Sophia and that
lived with Louis Phillip Amsler in Robstown at the time Sophia Flato Amsler passed away?
If so, I would like to hear from you.

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pg 37:

Charles Conrad Amsler, the 9th Generation and first to setting in Texas married Barbara (Schaffner) Amsler and had five children:

1. Charles b 7.12.1836

2. John Carl b 2.11.1839 "Amslers of Austin's Colony" pg 41 (No picture available)

3. Samuel b10.7.1841 AoAC pg 110

samuel amsler


Click to view other images of Samuel Amsler

Eliza b 10.5.1843 m Charles WelhausenEliza Welhausen Charles Wilhausen


4 Eliza Amsler Welhausen b 1843 (photo above): "Amslers of Austin's Colony" pg 53: Eliza was only daughter of Charles Conrad and Mary Lowenberger Amsler, sister to Louis Philip Amsler." Eliza, married Charles Welhausen, who founded Shiner bank. Eliza was Gayle Minear's great grandmother. Gayle's grandmother was sister to my great grandfather. These two photos were graciously loaned for scanning by Gayle Minear.

5. Louis Philip/Philippe Amsler b 7.25.1845 at Cat Spring died 1.14.1891. He was named for Louis Philippe, King of French 1830-194/8 Louis Phillip named his son William Tell. (AoAC pg 54) William Tell was the grandfather of my (Sammy Amsler's generation).


"Charles Conrad and Mary Lowenberger Amsler had five children all born near or at Cat Spring, Austin, County Texas: 1. Charles (b 7/12/1836), 2. John Carl (b 2/11/1839), 3 . Samuel (b 10/7/1841), 4. Eliza (b 10/5/1843); married Charles WELHAUSEN), and 5. Louis Philip/Philippe (b 7/25/1845)." ref page 37,"Amslers of Austin's Colony". Note one forum shows LP birthdate 25 JUL 1845 . Another site, shows birth date as 25 JUL 1845.

Charles Jr. and his wife's photographs are on pg 37. and on opposite page is Samuel with a group of descendants of Charles Conrad and Mary Amsler. There are no pictures of John Carl and Louis Philip in "Amslers of Austin's Colony," but 10th generation's account of John Carl Amsler and Samuel is on pages 41-54 and of Louis Philip Amsler';s account is on pages 54-60. Those pages cover many stories of activities of the Amslers in the civil war.

Louis Phillip/Philippe b 7.25.1845 "Amslers of Austin's Colony" pg 54 ( Although no image is available for LP Amsler, we have two images of his wife, Sophia Flato Amsler with an image of Page 59 from "Amslers of Austin's Colony.".

pg 55:

States that John C. Amsler wrote in "Contemporary the "Philip without doubt was the genius of the family, although extremely unfortunate in the course of his life." Four months before he was 17, Louis Philip Amsler enlisted 4.4.1862. He was in Company C of Waul's Second Texas Legion infantry, Sophia, his wife, stated in 1911."Louis Philip and John Carl Amsler seem to have been in the same company until after the fall of Vicksburg, when both were taken prisoner at Yazoo City in July 1863". L.P served honorably and never deserted his command." Louis Philip/Philippe b july 25, 1845 was father of W.T.Amsler. W.T. Amsler was the fourth son Charles Conrad and Mary Lowenberger) who were grandparents to W.T. Amsler, the grandfather of author of this web site, Sammy Amsler. Charles Conrad is Sammy's generation Great-Great Grandfather.

pg 59:

Sophia Amsler shown above was wife of L.P. Amsler. born about 1852 and died 2.25.1933. L.P. Amsler died 1.14.1891 in Fayette County.

L.P. Amsler and Sophia (Flato) Amsler married 7.27.1869 (10th Gen) had six children born as the the 11th generation. [Remember that the 9th Generation Amsler immigrated into Texas were the parents of L.P Amsler, their first born son.] This is the style of generations detailed in Amsler’s of Austin’s Colony. L.P. Amsler, being the 10th generation, was the second generation in Texas. [William Tell. Amsler was third generation from original Amsler family that immigrated into Texas from Switzerland.]

The Children of L.P. and Sophia (Flato Amsler were:

1. Lilly Elizabeth 7.27.1870 m Henry W. Yeager

2. Estella 3.30.1874 d 8.12.1876

3. Charles Conrad II b 1878

4. William Tell b 7.1.1880

5. Sophia b 1.18.1886

pg 92:

William Tell and Cora Elizabeth (West) Amsler as son of Louis Philip and Sophia (Flato) Amsler
B 1.7.1880 d 3.31.1952

. W.T. Amsler B 1.7.1880 d 3.31.1952
Cora West Amsler B 3.25.1882 d 5.1.1952
W.T. Amsler and Cora West Amsler Children included::
1. Louis Philip b 1901
2. David West 5.14.1904
3. Lillian E. b 1909
4. William Tell, Jr b 11.29.1914
5. Charles Conrad b 1.16.17
Detailed 12th generation of LP, DW, LE, WT, Jr, and Charles Conrad Amslers start on pg 92 and are illustrated on home page of

Cora Elizabeth West Amsler was a niece of George West for whom the town was named. Cora's parents were Marion and Katie(Fairchild) West.

Click on link Sophia Flato Amsler to examine one page converted to PDF as illustration of goal to digitize "Amslers of Austin's Colony."

Scanning is simple enough but to be providing searchable text for entire book as one document is a challenge requiring special Adobe Software with features for scanning while also converting scanned text using OCR to a text document. We found the best method to digitize "Amslers of Austin's colony or acquire software is by locating a service to do so.With the entire book in digitized format, i.e. pdf file, we have feature of using search feature to seek individuals in the book by name, place, etc.

Link to service Golden Image performed the scanning and did a very good job.

Lets examine photos taken at different intervals in the life of Sophia Amsler.

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