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This site is a work in progress. Sammy scanned groups of family pictures loaned by Kathryn Amsler for the reunions in 65, 73 and 77 Sammy provided photos for 1996, 2007, and 2008. Family history photos range from the 30's through 96. Sampling of photos may be viewed by selecting one of the links below:

Family history  Note that included in this group of photos are a few scanned from the "Amsler's of Austin Colony"

Reunion 65  This reunion photos included most of the family.   Mama & Papa passed on earlier.
Reunion 73 in Austin Texas Phil Amsler's Archery Shop
Reunion 77 in Austin, TX Phil Amsler Archery Shop
Reunion 96  in Flatonia, Texas.
Reunon 2007 in Shiner Texas
Reunion 2008 in Columbus and Cat Spring combined in shared site

Amsler Albums referenced above are located at for sharing collection of photos with others We are working on moving these albums into and within a cd for viewing on computer or VCR. Using a computer enables you to see the web site as if you were on lin. Viewing from VCR enables you to view images, but not the text that is viewed on CD. Have a good day!   The Amsler family from Austin, TX.

For photos viewed below, click on "Larger Image" to expand the size of each photo.   Then use browser back button to return to amslers1

A Collection of Amslers Photos starting with Sammy on Horseback.

First row: First column: Sammy on pony at 4 years of age;second column Sammy on trigger at 8 years of age; Third column: Papa, Charlie, Louis & Sammy on Gray late 40's circa

Second row: Family with Grace at Sonora store; Papa with his 11 point buck on the same trip; and Phil with his bow and arrow kill of two havalinas on ranch North of Brownsville, TX.

Third row: First column: Mama & PawPaw behind store in Clarksville, Tx.  Second column: Family in Juno during dear hunting season.  Third Column is photo taken in March 1952 at PawPaw's burial in Flatonia, Texas Photo that shows Shiner, Texas.   

Please sign guestbook.   Anyone viewing this page is asked to use mail link at bottom of this page if you have something to add or explain regarding the photos shown so that corrections can be made.   Also, if you have old photos of the family, contact Sammy to include on this family site.   You can scan photos or loan them to Sammy for scanning.   As you notice from links above we are using to share photo albums, that may be useful to order prints of better quality than downloading the images from the site. But if you have a good printer, you may prefer download and print yourself. Ordering photos from shutterfly is the best quality image and photo paper. . 

Paintshop Pro 7 was used to optomize photos for web sites. (restricting size and dimensions)

Albums Best Shots
our favorite photos on the site
sammyat4.jpg sammy_triggers.jpg fourhorsemen.jpg
Sammy at 4 years of age

panel 1

Sammy at 8 on horseback with Spot below Trigger

panel 2

Charlie, Papa, Louis & Sammy on horseback in Clarkwood, Texas Circa 1940's
panel 3

sonora1s.JPG papasonoras.jpg philamsler3s.jpg
Family in Sonora
panel 4

Papa in Sonora
panel 5

Phil with Javalinas
panel 6

mama_papaClarksviles.jpg juneaus.jpg pawpawfunerals.jpg
Mama & Papa in Clarksville

panel 7

Amsler clan in Juno,Texas

panel 8

PawPaw's funeral (Flatonia)
March, 1952
panel 9


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