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Samuel Amsler Branch

This Photo from "Amslers of Austin's Colony, Page 38:


(Continued paragraph to page 38)..never was disputed" Charles Jr. was left in charge of his father's many entereprises when the latter went abroad several times...."

Note that Julia (Meyer) Amsler was about 63 when the 1907 photo was taken. The above photo looks very similar to the lady in the first row on the far left who is listed below photo as Mrs Charles Amsler Jr. Julia (Myer) Amsler's husband, Charles who died 26 March 1891 Julia (Meyer) Amsler was a a widow when the 1907 photo was taken. Julie (Meyer) Amsler was born in 20 February 1844 She died 15 Nov 1934. Click on link below to compare her photo with Charles and his wife's photo shown as page 37 of "Amslers of Austin Colony":
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