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collection of links by topic

these are links collected since 2003 that may be useful.

collection of christian bible sites

bible studies

  1. audio bible  read and listen to reading of the bible
  2. bible.com on line world 
  3. bibles | bible answers | bible partners | bible studies | bookstore christ unlimited ministries information | contact us | digest archives doctrinal statement | donations | overcoming life digest | prayer room | tour guide
  4. bible gateway.com  passage lookup/ word search 11 versions. welcome to biblegateway.com, a free service for reading and researching scripture online-- all in the language or translation of your choice! we provide advanced searching capabilities based on keywords or scripture references, and various tools to enhance your study of the bible
  5. bible network links-victorious   a directory of web sites produced by victorious christian ministries
  6. bibles 
  7. from this website, you can: read the entire bible in many different translations locate any verse with an online concordance search look up scripture cross-references and commentaries access the original greek or hebrew for any verse compare king james and revised versions side-by-side learn about the fascinating history of the english bible download the complete text of several bibles via ftp review the classic writings of historic christianity listen to hundreds of hymns in midi files hear any passage of god's word read aloud with real audio
  8. bible downloads  the html bible speaking bible and speed bible link ot reading bible in one year.
  9. bible: king james version  search engines simple, proximity boolean searches, browse the bible, citation searches
  10. blueletter bible - search engine  blue letter bible phrase search / concordance. search by book chapter verse or words/phrase search
  11. bible maps  www.bible-history.com - /ancient_maps really good maps!
  12. study bible  the study bible developed and located around the world!
  13. bible translations gateway -new testament   bible translations and editions search the new testament gateway. dept of theology university of birmingham
  14. bible translations - victorious why so many bible translations? by dr. dale a. robbins

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collection of map sites

local maps

  1. checking dead links
  2. [ austin maps]  ut general libraries key to austin maps so you are interested in maps? ut may have one for you. austin maps from the pcl electronic map collection:
  3. [ texas city maps ]  ut general libraries key to other texas city maps listed alphabetically: interested in other cities?
  4. [ austin guide to outdoor recreation and active travel] www.gorp.com interesting city map for newcomers. a what to do on a map that is a very inventive site that provides many avenues for examining austin and central texas (citymap)(detail of city map)(regional map)(places nearby)
  5. [ austin npa track 18.25 ] expand the map and examine block 18.25 you will find our neighborhood before it was annexed by the city.
  6. [ collector street inventory maps ] collection of maps by sector. city of austin map along with many others linked from ut site. for example,  
  7. [map 4]  examine this site and view our area lower left corner
  8. [ global map]  great for learning world geography in one setting!
  9. [ global map muslim world wide distribution]  maybe you are interested in muslim distribution of population?
  10. [ timezones throughout the world] web page view
  11. [ timezones throughout the world]  adobe viewer view good timezone map with adobe viewer. dynamic map enables zoom in!
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maps and map links

  1. [landnet corporation BY SUBSCRIPTION ] - excellent source for building your own map. selective interactive map for location city and state. get high quality final maps! usgs topos, air photos, satellite aerials and more! add text to your maps! available in .jpg and .pdf
  2.  harvard map collection  social sciences program
  3.  map machine  national geographic.com site audit below
  4.  makemaps community atlas
  5.  tigermap answers to frequently asked questions about census bureau geography, maps and mapping engines
  6.  library geo geosource resources by country/region
  7.  street atlas delorme street atlas
  8.  world time zone map u.s. naval observatory.
  9.  world time zones map with current time world time zones map with current time
  10.  world time zone map  time is calculated from the computer you are on. if it is incorrect your computer may not be set to the right time zone or region.
  11.  usa map  with clock image for each zone
  12.  current world time  (moving sunlight/darkness)
  13.  world time server  by country or major cities
  14.  current world time many links for timezones, weather
  15.  about geography great geography links
  16.  color landform atlas of u.s. color landform maps of us and states.
  17.  clocks all over the world any moment in time!
  18. gis data
  19.  study encyclopedia, dictionary research resources
  20.  search engines multipurpose searching, web searching, research/reference, email directories, telephone directories, yellow pages, the earth's surface, net and other resources
  21.  topo maps colorful topo map of the world
  22.  topo maps of states state topography image: select texas from drop down box and view texas with counties overlayed on topo map really a great desktop background
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collection of search sites

searching for persons or businesses

other search sites with research comments

  1. xxpublic records search   lycos: white pages white pages
  2. ussearch.com  about peoplespot.com simplifying the search for the most useful information about people online
  3. library spot - switchboard   switchboard fast e-mail, address. and phone finder whitepages.com look up by name or phone number. whowhere find phone number, e-mail addresses. superpages.com search for friends and get a map to their home. reverse lookup look up folks by phone or address. area decoder find area code or city tied to an area code. ultimate white pages search 6 white pages from the same site. peoplesearch scans 20 directories simultaneously. worldpages.com search for a business or person in the u.s. yahoo! people search search for phone numbers and addresses. anywho telephone number search. infospace search for people in the u.s., u.k. and canada. teldir telephone directories on the web.
  4. 411.locate   white pages yellow pages email shopping public records city guide.
  5. yellow pages, white pages, e-mail andwebsite directories.
  6. internet white pages phone white pages.  internet white pages phone white pages is your online white pages directory which give users access to all white and yellow pages world wide. we introduce such a complete and comprehensive service for fast and easy searches of available information of name, address, telephone and fax numbers in white and yellow pages world wide. the service is easy to use and give also supplementing information about the different countries and the available bases.the service is available in english language. internet white pages phone white pages provides a link to other sites owned and maintained by third-parties, new windows will come up to maximize the viewability of their page.
  7. whowhere  background checks and public records
  8. online detective   , instand download of access over 94,000 databases and resources! find out what they have on you, or investigate someone else
  9. anywho.com   yellow pages white pages use anywho to find: phone numbers, addresses, maps and directions for business and people in the u.s.
  10. phaster.com   phone directory, maps, driving directions and road conditions
  11.   us search
  12. webcrawler  webcrawler is now a meta-search engine! we look for the most relevant results across multiple web sites, returning better results every time you search.
  13. refdesk.com    refdesk.com my facts page phonebook and area code resources
  14. peoplesite.com    people site online search community
  15. free people search and email address finders
  16. public records search  dogpile search
  17. web search engines with invisible search links 
  18. infoplease.com news, weather, almanacs,dictionary, encyclopedia andatlas;     for example
  19. texas info
  20. reverse telephone directories  : enter phone to search for a name (free with pop up adv)
  21. free people search  people search sites:   search sites, resources, services, and tools that allow    you to search for people and personal information.
  22. yellow pages to find a business.  save money calling 411, and forget fumbling through the yellow;pages. now, you can search listings anywhere in the u.s. at no charge. find numbers and directions for free with savewealth's yellow pages.
  23. google yellow pages   yellow pages reference, directories, address and phone numbers ,    yellow pages
  24. find a business by zip  find a business by name or find a business by category, with more searches    using near address search, get directions, get map, find a person, and classifieds.
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