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1965 Amsler Family Reunion in San Antonio
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Amsler Family

Amsler Family Sites
  • Amslers snapshot favorites (amslers1.html)
    [local]  12:17 PM 8/31/2002
  • Amslers' family tree
    [Amslers.com] 4/1/09
  • Amsler Albums Shutterfly.com - An opportunity to order prints if you like.
  • Amsler history albums/ (can also be found on Amslers.com
  • Amsler Family reunions /(shutterfly web page with Amsler/
  • Reunion 1965/
  • Reunion 1973 /
  • Reunion 1977 /
  • Reunion 1996/
  • Reunion 2007 /(Shiner)
  • Reunion 2008/
  • Bill & Bobbie's family  2002

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    Fisher Family

    Fisher Family Albums
  • Fishers1: 8/2000 Reunionlocal file
  • Fishers2: 8/2002 Reunionlocal file
  • Fisher3: Elvis/Alvis Birthday celebration Dec 16, 2001 local file
  • Fisher Albums at Shutterfly for prints
  • Fisher 2000 Reunion   Fisher family Album Austin Texas Fairview's Family Center]
  • Fisher 2002 Reunion   Fisher family Album Austin Texas Fairview's Family Center
  • Family Albums compliments of shutterfly.com]

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    If you have old family snapshots, Sammy would welcome an opportunity to borrow those snapshots for posting to a site like those above or upload to Shutterfly for supplementing an album or creating a new album for all to share.   Any photo can be downloaded, from above links, and when accessing the albums extra prints may be ordered on line.    As some may be aware, in scanning images, resolution for printed photos are set differently than photos posted to web sites to conserve space. Images scanned to be printed are uploaded to shutterfly.com albums.    Loaned photos will be treated carefully and returned after completion of scanning.    Including a note explaining names and date of photo would be most helpful.

    You may notice from above links that old photos are unique and tell a story regardless of their condition. The Amslers' family tree contains scanned photos from Newspaper clippings displaying William Tell (Papa) Amsler’s parents and grandparents, the Flatos. Papa’s grandfather Flato was one of the founders of Flatonia, Texas. The images were published in a souvenir program printed in 1973. This souvenir program was supplement to “The La Grange Journal”; “Moulton Eagle”; “Schulenburg Sticker”; Smithville Times”; “Tribune-Herald” (Halletsville). Such photos have an even more unique character.    When visiting sites and link back to this index page is omitted at bottom of page you may use back button to return to this page.
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